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Beauty tips for normal skin

Have you ever thought about how many forces our face should bear ? The facial skin is the most exposed to the aggression of external agents, from cold to sun, wind pollution. Not to mention that on your face reflected all of our states of mind: the laughter, crying, stress and emotions are part of life but leave their mark on our face. That’s because the skin of the face is worth a careful and particular, to preserve our beauty and be able to show off a more relaxed and radiant skin, whatever our age, the time of year and the mood.

Types of skin and facial care

  • Proper facial care necessarily involves knowing your skin type: the only way to act accordingly, choosing products and treatments fit. The skin types are usually classified as follows:
  • Normal skin – this is a skin that does not have any particular problems or sensitivity and appears homogeneous and compact;
  • Dry skin – the result can be either dehydration or low production of sebum (skin aliped) and the skin is fragile, cracked, delicate and often reddens easily;
  • Oily skin – shiny and greasy, oily skin is caused by excess sebum and often is accompanied by point’s blacks and pimples;
  • Combination skin – oily on the forehead, nose and chin (the famous zone T) and dry on the cheeks and around the eyes;
  • Sensitive skin – thin and delicate, reddens easily and is prone to sunburn and rosaceous.

The passage of time

The fundamental gestures that every woman should never forget, whatever her skin type, are:

  • Always wash your face in the morning with warm water and mild detergent;
  • Always remove make-up at night with a cleanser or a gel cleanser, applying a tonic to cleanse the skin deep;
  • After each washing, apply the moisturizer, choosing the most suitable product to your skin type;
  • Make a scrub at least once a week to remove dead cells.

Then all skin types will need to pay particular attention to one aspect or another: for dry skin, for example, will be critical hydration and the use of household cleaners delicate, while in the case of oily skin should be given priority a thorough cleaning and the use of products sebum balancing. For the selection of facial cleanser best suited to your skin, see this article:

Hydration is however important not just to have beautiful skin and bright, but also to protect it from external aggression, prevent aging and maintain the best trick. The moisturizers are by day and at night should be exploited at 100% for the treatment of facial skin, thanks to night creams, which help to relax, relax and repair the deteriorated skin.

A two times a week then do not give up scrubs or scrub: choose gentle exfoliating product, which remove dead cells without irritating the skin, leaving it bright and regenerated.

Finally there are the masks treatments to be performed once in a while when you realize that the skin needs something more than the usual daily routine. The masks are of various types and respond to different needs: moisturizing, soothing and nourishing or cleansing or toning. You do not always have to spend a fortune on products and treatments: the beauty masks for the face can also be homemade, using only simple ingredients and available in health food stores and supermarkets.


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