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Beauty tips to keep skin clear

How can women without the help of top makeup artists and luxurious care products look like? Here we reveals few tips on how you come closer to your dream complexion a bit with the right tricks and creams.

Get rid of the stain!

Not only are annoying wrinkles – even pigmentation leaving the complexion looking older. The solution: (!) Preventive and necessarily always apply sunscreen. If the skin is already speckled, help products with brightening ingredients and antioxidants, such as high doses of vitamin C. The fruit acid has an exfoliating effect that alleviates the melanin stains -. The skin looks refined from.

No Shades of Grey

Multi-talent: Clear, scrubs rubbing the skin nice and tender and provide rosy cheeks. But you can do even more: The dermatologist of the stars, Dr. Lancer from Los Angeles, explains: “scrubs stimulate the skin to produce new fresh cells. So does the skin youthful and firmer. ”

Beauty Food

Who wants to be beautiful, must eat: But of course, “the right thing”. Certain foods namely tighten the skin, prevent cellulite and skin aging, burn fat, strengthen nails, strengthen the hair and bring them to shine. So why as much as possible incorporate apples, berries, carrots, spinach, parsley, asparagus, legumes and buttermilk in the diet. The healthy ingredients such as vitamins and trace elements make beautiful from the inside – and true beauty booster!

Firming overnight

Since baste smooth: Well, our skin – but already the next morning! Many care specialist exerts its effect fill wrinkles namely while we sleep. But that it ever comes to that, a thorough preparation in the form of facial cleansing the A and O. evening is therefore always (!) And make-up removal, apply the (rich) anti-aging night cream she loves doing this a little thicker, as a mask replacement.

From retouching

Like velvet and silk: even, smooth and radiantly beautiful – it looks like the perfect tans! However, very few are inherently blessed with youthful fresh peach skin. Fortunately, there are but clever beauty helpers who all fix conjure us a radiant glow to the face (color) to compensate for irregularities and make the skin look smooth and plump surface. Simple brushing or -crewmen and gently worked into the skin … It is already there: the coveted Glow!

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