FULL Coverage BEAT makeup tutorial | Complete dark skin beat

Full coverage, Full face BEAT. Talk through

Today I will demonstrate a FULL coverage makeup tutorial. This is a full face beat tutorial. From primer to setting spray. If you are looking for a full face makeup tutorial for dark skin, you’ve found it. This makeup tutorial for dark skin is beginner friendly.

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  1. 7xelbuaD says:

    “That’s what he said” ????

  2. Vicariously ❤Me❤ says:

    You better work this FLY GIRL BEAT!!!! LOVE ITTTTT xoxo

  3. locosmith2005 says:


  4. TheCharcoalPencil says:

    That thumbnail had me screaming before the video start!

  5. Tmac1963 says:

    I have decided I need to invest some money into the products that form the underpinnings of my makeup. Moisturizers, primer, and products that address texture. Destiny or anyone in the comments that knows a product good for texture please let me know. I’m of course using some products but they aren’t meeting my needs. So I’m willing to spend a little bit more then I’ve spent in the past. Because if spending for foundation and eyeshadow, but I don’t get the eyeshadow primer that will address my oily lids, which has me out here looking crazy when my eyeshadow just fades, then what the heck am I doing any of it.

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