Hey Queen,
welcome back, If you are new please subscribe to join our royalty fam. Today I am doing this natural look with a pop of colour which was inspired by the beautiful Gigi Hadid.

rimmel london perfect match ‘natural beige’
Avon powder ‘Light medium’
LA girl pro powder ‘Classic tan’
Beauty treats ‘Bronzer palette’
Swiitchbeauty sleys for days’matte’ palette
catrice eyeshadow LIQUID METAL ‘Satina van der woodsen’
Kryolan highlight and contour circle
essence I heart extreme lashes ‘waterproof’ mascara
Maybeline 914 vibrant mandarin lipstick
Mac rubywoo retromatte lipstick

What do you guys think of my new Intro?


Thank you guys so much for watching, God bless.


  1. Taleesha Gopaul says:

    I must say you do makeup very well… I normally wouldn’t sit and watch a YouTube video but ever since I found your videos on YouTube I could watch for hours…I myself love doing makeup and watching your videos I get some amazing ideas. Please would you recommend a skin care routine as I was watching some of your old videos and I noticed how good your skin looks up till now… Please would you share a few products with me.

    • Natalie Fay says:

      Anytime babygirl 😘😘

    • Taleesha Gopaul says:

      Natalie Fay thank you for replying I look forward to your skin care routine.. I live in Johannesburg and wouldn’t mind having my make up done by you when I visit durban.

    • Natalie Fay says:

      Taleesha Gopaul oh my word! Thank you so so much, your comment means so much to me! I will definately post my skin routine soon. My skin has gone through ups & downs lol. Thank you for your suggestion love 😘😘😘

  2. Mimi Manaso says:

    Thank you for this. Beautiful

  3. sheri naidu says:

    Absolutely stunning 😍

  4. Wez & Fay says:


  5. MaryAnn Govender says:

    Beautiful hun. With love from China 💓

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