I spent $1000 on SKINCARE Products | Feat.YesStyle.com


  1. Maya De Luna says:

    Tu es vraiment très jolie et j’aime beaucoup ton timbre de voix. Dommage je n’aime pas trop le blond que tu as. Tu as des cheveux foncés et je trouve que tu serais vraiment magnifique avec ta vrai teinte ! It’s shame really !!! 💋

  2. Tika Shankar says:

    I love her accent❤️❤️❤️

  3. Grace Kimnu says:

    Grass feel good tho

  4. Alana Nisa says:

    Yesstyle has sponsored/give sooo many youtubers. Instead they should lower their prices and higher the quality so people like us can purchase. Their prices are high!

  5. Yulia Aslami says:

    All of them are sounds worth to try!!!!! Especially laneige one! Could you write all the products on the video? I would love to know it in detail 🤗🤗 thank you!

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