Makeover For Hum TV Makeup & Hair Style Show Transformation | DIY Hair And Makeup Tutorial

Makeover For Hum TV Makeup & Hair Style Show Transformation With Aqif Ilyas, Azfar Rehman and Yasir Hussain | DIY Hair And Makeup Tutorial | DIY makeup hacks celebrity party Look. Nadia Khan Makeover for Hum TV The after moon show before and after makeup Transformation and how nadia got a party makeup and hair style makeover before the show. Try celebrity nadia khan hairstyle, change your hair color like her, and experiment with new makeup technique which aqif is showing. Outstyle makeover celebrity hair and makeup stylist Aqif Ilyas, he is celebrity makeup artist for kareena kapoor aswell as he has done makeup on kareena kapoor. Aqif is to give Nadia Khan hair and makeup transformation before going on to Hum TV show The after moon show with Azfar Rehman and Yasir Hussain. You know that part of teen where the girl goes through a makeover and turns into a gorgeous queen? Well, you’re in that part of the movie in your life and your hair to get different hair style and face which needs different makeup, needs a fresh lease of life right away. A hair and face makeover is one of those quintessential life experiences that every girl and women needs to go through to see what a world of difference such a simple thing can make toyour self-esteem and how you see yourself. So you must be wondering, “When do I need to get a hair makeover?” The simplest answer to that question is whenever you feel like it. But there are a few signs that you can look out for when you your hair and face look starts feeling too monotonous.

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  1. Tabi MJ says:

    oh Nadia you look amazing and after watched ur insta clip I buy a lash curler for first time jeetooo rahooo aur kush Bash raho. aamen

  2. Ayesha Talal says:

    Mitthi ur looking gorgeous Mashallah
    Asi video Zaberdast hain hmain b makeup artist say milwa deti hain n unki tips mil jati haiin LOVE you

  3. Sara Gohar says:

    Nadia Khan its was lively show.. n i luv ur hair style ❤❤n Akif Illyas is an institution itself.. luv to see his make up n tips..

  4. Nad Sadiq says:

    Hi nadia khan ur videos r amaxing plz do videos on some reasonable n good organic hair colours dyes as i have allergy problems after dye my hair.n plz give suggestions to cover front grey hair as they r visible after a week of hair dye.

  5. marriam fatimah says:

    hey nadia my upper lips area is very dark iuse thread to remove hair from upper lips also sometimes waxing but its getting darker day by day

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