NEW Revolution pro makeup Review, Foundation drops, concealer and brow cushion.

Today I’m trying out some revolution pro makeup! I got the foundation drops, the concealer and the brow cushion.
Check out what i thought of them!

I got these from Superdrug…

Revolution Pro foundation drops –
Revolution pro Camouflage concealer –
Revolution pro Brow cushion –

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  1. Tina Maughan says:

    I have super neutral undertones and idk why but matching it is a nightmare. I like liquidy foundations a lot of times because it doesn’t usually go all Cakery looking. It seemed to look nice on you though. Why do Concealers claim to cover tattooes ? Almost none do and it completely makes me think they are lying and that isn’t exactly a good thing. This brow thinkg would scare the heck out of me! I always use a pencil and try to draw them how I want them lol it doesn’t ever work out and takes forever. Omg lol when I edit I do the same thing! Bald spot, not blended , omg my hair yup that’s me editing lol. I agree I like how your foundation looks it’s really pretty. Wow your brows still look great! It is really good for the price! I forgive a lot for price lol

  2. The Gallica Sisters says:

    I really like the foundation and how it looks on you ! I like that it is a dewy and glowy finish and that it is buildable.
    I really cannot see the difference between the two concealers ! I wonder if you can see it at the end of the day ? It makes me want to do even more a little Make Up Revolution haul during April, they have so many products and affordable ones too !
    The brow cushion color looks good as well, but it is sad that it is not 100% smudge proof as they said. I still think it is good for the price. I really like the eye look you did as well !

  3. Cosmetopia Digest says:

    I have the Camouflage foundation, concealer, and the new liquid lippies as well as a palette in my cart right now. The foundation drops seem very nice, though I’m not a fan of luminous finishes on my oily skin. I’m guessing that the Tarte concealer is to the viewers’ right (left side of YOUR face); the Rev Pro one is less yellow, and is probably the one to our left. Am I right? There’s this new MUR brow product where you apply the liquid/tint and peel off to reveal the natural looking result. Have you tried that? I thought this was that one. Loved the results on your brows!

  4. Aniki Rose says:

    insanity tshirt? respect!!! i never made it past week 3!!
    I didnt even know that revolution pro was a thing.. thought it was all the same.. but definetrly want to try the foundation it looks really nice on you!

    • Aniki Rose says:

      Sounds good!!!

    • Aylie Rose says:

      Aniki Rose I have videos on when I done Max 30 but I’ll definitely do another if I do a different program, I just need to get my butt in gear and find some motivation! If you decide to do it let me know and I can be your workout buddy! 😁

    • Aniki Rose says:

      Aylie Rose wow I’m super impressed! You should totally film your insanity journey! I find it to be torture but maybe if I felt like I wasn’t alone maybe I would actually try it again!

    • Aylie Rose says:

      Aniki Rose Thanks, it’s my second one 😊 have Insanity and max 30. Need to get my but in gear and do another one this year! Yeah I actually liked the foundation!

  5. Angela Sasaki says:

    Your makeup came out beautiful girly! I’m loving your channel! I subscribed. So excited to follow you and see more of your content! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

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