SHIMMER and SHINE Makeup Tutorial with Costumes 💎✨

Shimmer and Shine Makeup. In this makeup tutorial, I show you how to look like Shimmer and Shine from Nikelodean’s Nick Jr ‘Shimmer and Shine.’ I was inspired by The Daya Daily who has done two Shimmer and Shine Makeup Tutorials. The Daya Daily is absolutely one of my favorite Youtube Channels and she also does character makeup tutorial like me. Doing Shimmer and Shine’s makeup was so fun and I loved making their costumes. These Shimmer and Shine costumes are DIY and are perfect for halloween. In my next video, I will show you how to make Shimmer and Shine Halloween Costumes.


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Wigs are from Amazon

Costumes I made myself. Next video, I will show you how to make them!!


Shimmer’s Wig:

Shine’s Wig:


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